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a subprime a insecured borrower
sort to classify
rembourser to pay back
titrisation securization
titres securities
découvert overdraft
carte de crédit debit card
credit card a loan
stockholders shareholders
derivaties other types of securities protecting against the bad effects of share price variation
stock (usa) share (uk)
prévenir to prevent
mettre en application to implement ou to apply
to apply for to be candidate to
éviter un obstacle to avoid an obstacle
à l'heure on time
faiblesse weakness
money laundering money washing (to make money clean an legal)
constraint contrainte
an apllication a cover letter
lettre de motivation + cv an application
lettre de motivation a cover letter
CV a resume
advice conseil
transmettre to convey to transmit to show
ajouter to include to add
you do it very often to be used to doing something
pratique commode pratical convenient useful
the important it's the person to tell
the message is the most importante to say
nationalization the state
privatization the stock exchange
public firm state owned
fusionner to merge
une fusion a merger
valeur nette networth
accumuler accumulate
prise de contrôle (OPA) takeover
prendre le pouvoir to take over
une offre an offer a bid
previous employers referees
rappeler to remind
se rappeler (se souvenir) to remember
faire faillite to go bankrupt ou to go bust
fluctuer flotter to float
pénurie (un manque) a shortage a lack
faire face to cope with
obligations bonds
hypothèque mortgage
pension pension: money paid to a retired person
acquérir to gain
annonce adverstissement


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