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Vocabulaire anglais - verbe (A) > Fiches de vocabulaire > vocabulaire anglais > verbe (A)

abaisser to abase (to lower)
abriter to shelter
exagérer to exploit
accepter to accept
accompagner to accompagny
accroître to increase (to enhance)
acidifier to acidify
adhérer to adhere to
admirer to admire
adresser to adress
agraver (to make worse) to agravate
agoniser to be dying
agresser to atack
allécher to make the mouth water
allonger to lengthen
amoindrir to reduce
amplifier to exagerrate
annoncer to announce
appartenir to belong
applaudir to applaud
appréhender to dread
appropier to appropriate
arbitrer to arbitrate
asseoir to sit
assister to attend
assurer (secure) to assure
attiser to fan
avantager to favour
avouer (to acknowledge) to admit
abandonner (to give up/ to leave) to abandon
abroger to repeal
accidenter (to injure) to damage
accomplir to accomplish
accueillir (to recieve) to welcome
acharner to set on
actionner (to operate) to actuate
affaiblir (to reduce) to weaken
affirmer to affirm
aider to help
appauvrir to impoverish
appliquer to apply
apprendre to learn
approuver (to aprove) to agree to
attendre to wait for
attraper to catch


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