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propre tidy
cravate tie
fois times
minuscule tiny
sommet top
strict tough
plus strict tougher
embouteillage traffic jam
faire confiance to trust
essayer to try
diminuer to turn down
eteindre to turn off
allumer to turn on
augmenter le volume to turn up
jumeau twins
moche ugly
en dessous under
chomeur unemployed
valeur values
voter to vote for
attendre to wait for
to wake up se lever
portefeuille wallet
gaspiller to waste
faible weak
hebdomadaire weekly
bien equipé well-equipped
bien rempli well-stocked
quel dommage what a pitty
a quel h le film commence what time is the film on?
ce que tu vx whatever you like
+ large ke wider than
sans aide without help


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