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brancher le réveil set the alarm clock
s'installer to settle in
ombre shade
peu profond shallow end
partager to share
platform sharply
simple sheer
egoiste selfish
changer to shift
pénurie shortage
crier à to shout at
crier pour to shout to
signature signing
comparable à similar to
depuis since
couler to sink
evier sink
ciel sky
lentement slowly
sentir to smell
eternuer to sneeze
ainsi so
tres loin so far
pour que so that
football soccer
logiciels software
soldats soldiers
loisirs spare time
dépenser to spend
arraignée spider
le personnel staff
escalier stairs
timbre stamp
se lever stand up
beaupere stepfather
arreter to stop
stoker, entreposer to store
droit , raide straight
sujet subject
banlieue suburbs
soudainement suddenly
souffrir de to suffer from
vacs dete summer vacation
soutien support
supposer to suppose
survivant survival
échanger, troker to swap
changer de to switch
eteindre to switch off
allumer to switch on
perfectionner to switch to perfect
presse populaire tabloid newspaper
prendre après to take after
rapporter to take back
enlever to take off
prendre place to take place
parler to talk
gouter to taste
ado teenager
raconter to tell
avoir tendance a etre to tend to be
terrible terrible
ca semble horrible that sounds terrible
le suivant the folowing
le plus proche the nearest
bateau the ship
ville town
l'ensemble de the whole of
ensuite then
epais thick
fin thin
bien que though
pensée thought
jeter to throw
jeter qlq chose to throw something away
pouce thumb


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