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dissuader qlq de faire qlq chose dissuade sb from doing sth
profondeur depth
tandis que where as
bien que although
dissuader discurage
empecher qlq de faire qlq chose prevent sb from doing something
largeur 2 breadth
longueur length
intrigant intriguer puzzling puzzled
mort death
emouvant emu moving moved
stupefiant stupefait amazing amazed
greve strike
caresser stoke
repondre a quelqu'un, au telephone answer sb, the phone
comme si where as
insister sur l'importance de qlq chose emphasize the importance of something
douter de la sincerite de quelqu'un doubt sb sincerity
jeunesse youth
sante health
si whether
largeur 1 wide
force strength
tant que/pourvu que provided
verite truth
richesse wealth
strike struck struck frapper
inquietant inquet worrying worried
genant gene embarrassing embarrassed
attend a class assister a un cours
discuss an issue discuter d'un probleme
un coup a stroke
grant a refugee a visa accorder un visa a un refugie
marry an engineer se marrier a un ingenieur


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