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marque, temoignage, gage token
etre tremper get soaked
licencie, vire redundant
participer partake
en beton rock-solid
grave dans le marbre set-in-stone
en dur, traditionnel brick-and-mortar
vaincre/battre overcome
submerger overcome /overwhelm
inviter, enlever take out
suivre keep up
refuser, retenir, garder , conserver withhold
resister a withstand
promulguer, decreter enact
effort striving
respecter 2 comply with
surveiller monitor
liquider, terminer wind up
mettre plus fort turn up
resumer sum up
etablir, s'etablir set up
supporter 2 put up with
rammasser, prendre pick up
confondre, melanger mix up
composer make up
compenser make up for
chercher look up
abandoner, renoncer give up
distribuer 2 hand out
remplir fill out
decouvrir find out
executer, effectuer carry out
allumer turn on
continuer 3 keep on
attendre hold on
render visite call on
continuer 2 carry on
eteindre turn off
passer par pertes et profits write off
decoller/enlever take off
reporter put off
brader sell off
licencier lay off
refuser/mettre moins fort turn down
fermer definitivement close down
reprendre take back
prendre du retard fall behind
analyser, ventiler/ tomber en panne break down
se muscler bulk up
evaluer assess
faire visiter round
reboucher, sceller seal
trouver par hasard come accross
naviguer sail
humecter/humidifier dampen sthg
empiler, mettre en rayon stack
balayer les feuilles rake leaves
entreprendre, presenter set sthg out
partir set out
remettre en cause to calling into question
relever, rehausser raise
reporter to put sthg off
peser sur, avoir un impact sur bear on
patienter bear with
moudre, broyer, reduire grind
decourager to put sb off
avoir le mal du pays to be home sick
arriver, se passer arise
ne pas etre d’accord avec to take issue
s’inscrire au chomage to sign for the dole
sans queue ni tete make head or tail of it
distribuer dole
respecter abide by
trier, classer sort
mettre en valeur, souligner put on display
supporter bear
entrelacer, lier entwine
s’envoler soar
etre epuise to be drained
relire/corriger proof-read
incliner tip(v)
rejetter quelque chose sans consideration reject something out of hand
preference pour bias for sth/sb
remettre quelque chose à quelqu’un handed sth for somebody
mettre de cote put aside
s’entendre avec quelqu’un get along with
entrevoir, apercevoir glimpse
continuer 1 go ahead
jeter throw away
reduire cut back
expliquer,justifier account for
rembourser pay back
proposer put forward
chercher look for
exiger, requerir call for
passer, rendre visite call in
se présenter a la reception check in
emmenager move in
remettre hand in
etudier look into
transformer turn into
persuader talk into
demenager move out
souligner, insister point out
manquer de run out of
s’averer/produire turn out
trier 2 sort out
trouver, arranger work out
etre fini be over
prendre le controle take over
s’occuper de, veiller a attend to
prendre des dispositions pour see to
s’en tenir a stick to
rattraper catch up
remplir fill up
a flot, qui circule afloat
dissoudre disolved
decouvert disclosed
annoncer, inaugurer to usher in
confirmer, corroborer bear out
engueler, agacer, enerver, cocher tick sb off
subir, essuyer undergo
deposer, formuler, stipuler lay down
faire un large sourire grin
s’averer, se reveler prove to be
aborder un probleme address an issue
ceder, produire, rapporter yield
rendement, rapport, benefice yield (n)
saluer, accueillir greet
casquer, allonger stump up
desarroi, consternation dismay


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