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Pourquoi ne pas... ? (suggestions) Why not+BV
Au lieu de.. Instead of+BV+ING
conditionnel Would+BV
Avoir impatience de Look forward to+BV+ING
Je souhaite que tu... I wish you+BV+ED
Arrêter,Commencer Stop+BV+ING,Start+BV+ING
A peine... No sooner+preterit perfect(inversé)
Que dirais-tu de...? What about+BV+ING
Hyp: If+S+Présent, +S+WILL+BV
Hyp: If+S+Passé, S+WOULD+BV
Hyp: If+S+Preterit perfect, S+WOULD+Present perfect
As soon as : S+Présent, S+WILL+BV
As soon as+S+Preterit perfect, S+Preterit
Phrase au futur S+WILL+BV+WHEN+BV
1990 nineteen ninety
2001 two thousand one
1,66 one point sixty six
2/3 the two thirds
3/5 the three fifths
45,789 forty five thousand seven hundred and eighty nine
100,000,000 one hundred milion
233,455,609 two hundred thirty three million four hundred fifty five thousand six hundred nine
19/20 (note) nineteen out of twenty
5ème the fifth
9ème the ninth
100 000 cars one hundred thousand cars
des centaines de voitures hundreds of cars


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