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sawdust dust or very small pieces of wood made by saw when cutting wood.
une scie a saw
a gearbox the box in a car which allows power to be passed to the wheels and controls the speed.
backwards with the back in front.
to run off to function
s'échapper to run off
electric drill an electric tool for making holes.
un outils a tool
to belong to to be the property of.
supper synonym for dinner.
soft not firm or hard.
mou, souple soft
voiture d'occasion a used-car
concessionnaire a salesman
fainéant et tv a couch potatoes
les cuisses the lap
un plateau repas a meal trap
un plateau a trap
un repas a meal
tricher to cheat
un escroc a crook
malhonnette dishonest
tromper qqn to deceive qqn
contrairement à unlike, contrary to
alors que whereas
rabaisser qqn to put someone down
gronder to scold
sans sentiment, insensible callous, unfeeling
tatillon fussy
agaçant annoying
insupportable unbearable
la croûte the crust
faire croire à qqn to trick someone
trafiquer (avec outils) to trinker with
sans valeur, nul worthless
digne de confiance trustworthly
rabaisser to put down


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