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têtu stubborn
ventard boastful
arrogant arrogant
oisif idle
fainéant lazy
ignorant ignorant
insensé senseless
autoritaire bossy
obtus d'esprit narrow-minded
grossier rude
nouvelles short stories
aucune manière any way
vite et bien fast and well
occupé busy
a grown-up a synonym for an adult.
un ascenceur an elevator
while during the time
a corner the line in a room where two walls meet
to borrow to take something temporarily with permission
a knee the joint in the middle of one's leg
a place a geographic location
s'asseoir to sit
une place a seat
une bibliothécaire a librarian
un héros éponyme eponymous hero
aveugle blind
se plaindre to complain
trop too much
assez enough
rude harsh
réussir un examen to pass a test
passer un examen to take a tast
to take a test
toute la journée all day


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