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Vocabulaire anglais - Unit 11 - Advertising > Fiches de vocabulaire > vocabulaire anglais > Unit 11 - Advertising

sans résultat ineffective
advantages benefits
de bouche à oreille word-of-mouth
to happen to occur
to buy to purchase
almost virtually
dépendre de to rely on
cela seul this alone
tendre vers to tend to
être vraisemblablement be likely to
insatisfait dissatisfied
licencier to fire
a task to do a brief
abrégé abbreviated
before prior to
effet de seuil a threshold effect
to match competitor's spending comparative-parity method
fixer un budget à to set a budget AT
ne tenir aucun compte de to disregard
étalage (s) exposure (s)
irritant irritating
profits that are going down diminishing returns
becoming smaller and smaller ever-smaller
un client potentiel a prospective customer
relativement faible relatively poor
to convince to persuade
baisser/éléver to lower/to raise
to put together to match up
think again about to revise an opinion
to underline to emphasize
une histoire d'horreur a horror story
Exceptionnellement Unusually
a text a script
an advert commercial
trompeur misleading
mensonger untruthful
only merely


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