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Vocabulaire anglais - voc examen angalis > Fiches de vocabulaire > vocabulaire anglais > voc examen angalis

les connaissances the acquaintances
franc outspoken
chaleureux warmhearted
extraverti outgoing
préoccupé concerned
attentionné considerate
méticuleux painstaking
dévoué committed
gratifiant rewarding
une exception a one-off
en liberté conditionelle on probation
dénigrer to put down
falsifier to forge
a criminal = an offender
l'espionnage the spying
aussi bien que however well
être conscient to be aware
en même temps at once
aborder un problème to address an issue
une lacune a gap
ni ... ni neither... nor
la corvée the chore
s'habituer à to get used to
s'inspirer de to draw on
venir à l'esprit to come to mind
énormément de awful lot of
s'eloigner l'un de l'autre to drift apart
a worry = a concern
an accusation = a charge
more than = upwards of
quiet >< disquiet
Growing >< shrinking
emballer enclose
in particular = particularly, especially
close by = nearby
a friend = a mate
if = whether
masses of sth = loads of sth
a nonsense = a rubbish
attendre un moment hang on, hold on
recently = lately
I don't know = i haven't a clue
partly = to some extent
generally on the whole
to refuse = to turn it down
mainly = largely
tout à coup out of the blue
à moins que unless
approximately = roughly
au contraire otherwise
même si, à condition que as long as, provided that
cependant nevertheless, all the same, however
tandis que whereas
bien que although, even though, though
de plus in addition, moreover, furthermore
donc consequently, therefore
avaler to swallow
because of sth = due to sth
avertir qqun to warn sb of/about sth
so= as a result
ronchonner to moan
to organize = to sort out
obedient >< disobedient
to resolve sth = to settle sth
terrible = dreadful, atrocious, appalling
déranger to bother
to ruin sth = to spoil sth
in principle = in theory
to make sb do sth = to force sb to do sth
start to like sth get to like sth
en guise d'alternative as an alternative
gourmand greedy
considérer to reckon sth
are supposed to = are meant to
a downturn >< upturn
except for sb/sth = apart from sth/sb
un bouton a spot
rassembler to gather sth
to assume sth, N : assumption
to be attracked to sb to fancy sb
affiner to refine
être sur de qqchose to be bound to do sth
strength>< weakness
le seuil de rentabilité the break even
modifier to alter
to employ sb = to take sb on
a rival = a competitor
an effort = a struggle
favourite >< outsider
to look through sth = to skim sth
un tour de piste a lap of the track
to participate = to take part in
un cadre a frame
out of focus >< in focus
le terrain the pitch
a band = a group
a sort of = a kind of
qualifié skilled, expert
inadapté à unsuitable for
a work of art = a masterpiece
une exposition an exhibition
dégoutant disgusting
on display = on show
insultant swearing
very exciting = gripping
incredible = extraordinary
extremely good = outstanding
s'engager to pledge
une alerte a scare
un accord de paix a ceasefire
to axe = to cut
to demonstrate = to protest
whole = entire
to start suddenly = to break out
abandonner to give up = to surrender
sourd deaf
to lose your sight = to go blind
to explode = to go off
an offence = a crime
to go to prison = to go to jail
innocent>< guilty
may = might
les poursuites the prosecution
feuilleter to browse
minor >< serious
rester à l'hopital 2-3 jours to go into hospital
arracher une dent to take out a tooth
glisser to skid
avoir une panne to break down
très récent latest
être coincé to be stuck
la périphérie the outskirts
faire une escale to stop off
hire a car = rent a car
démarrer to get in
censé faire quelque chose mean to do sth
un aller retour a day return
faire attention to watch out
les freins the brake
dépasser quelqu'un to overtake sb
être en retard to be held up = to be delayed
freiner to brake
ralentir to slow down
l'essence the engine
le claxon the horn
le roue the wheel
les vitesses the gear
le coffre the boot
le pneu the tyre
le capot the bonnet
le pare brise the windscreen
très mal nasty
grossir to put on weight
reprendre ses esprits to come round
aller à l'hopital to go to hospital
se rétablir to heal up
to recover = to get over
correctly = properly
minutieusement thoroughly
cotton = thread
in a hurry = in a rush
une tache a stain
immediately = straightaway
mendier to beg
a vacuum cleaner = a hoover
les déchets the litter
accessible handy = convenient
a shame a pity
a disadvantage = a drawback
cloturé walled
le toit the roof
enormous = huge
le sous sol the basement
fixer quelque chose to stare at sth
entendre par hasard to overhear
jeter un oeil à qqchose to glance at sth
carton cardboard
inssipide bland
les loisirs the leisure
bright >< brightness, dark
eclater en sanglots to burst into tears
déchirer to tear up
frotter to rub
eclater the rire to burst out laughing
plier to fold
soupirer to sigh
bien écrit well written
le surveillant the invigilator
to illuminate sth = to light sth up
at home >< away from home
the chance = the opportunity
le soulagement the relief
postuler pour qqchose to apply for sth
faire un pret to take out a loan
stimulant, difficile challenging
la vente the retail
démissionner to resign, to quit
unemployed = out of work
gerer qqchose to handle sth, to deal with sth
avoir congé to have/get time off
virer qqun to fire sb, to sack sb
régulier, croissant steady
augmenter to up, to rise, to increase, to grow
to have the right to do sth = to be entitled to do sth
diminuer to go down, to drop, to fall
important significant
grand et soudain a sharp
le 3eme quadri the third quarter
un faible ... (adj) a slight
to start a business = to set up a business
méfiant suspicious of sth
pour que so that
etre impressioné de to be impressed with sth
au cas ou in case
to fail (business) = to go out of business
solide firm >< soft
deserted >< busy, crowded
glad = pleased
polite >< rude
à coté next to, beside, by
temporary >< permanent
spacious = cramped
l'arrière the rear >< the front
pendant ce temps in the meantime, meanwhile
occasionally = now and again, from time to time
these days = nowadays
to approve of = to disapprove of
déliberément deliberately, on purpose
pertinent relevant >< irrelevant
fermer to do up, to fasten
to take advantage of sth = to make the most of sth
disappear, N : disappearence
allumer la bouilloire to plug the kettle in
tend, N : the tendency
creamy >< spicy
se rappeller to remind of sth
donner charité to give sth away
épuiser run out
présenter introduce to sb
inventer qqchose to make sth up
to omit sth = to leave sth out
eteindre to put out, to extinguish
mettre qqchose sur soi to put sth on >< to take sth off
remmetre qqchose a sa place to put sth back
achever qqchose to get through sth
nettement sharply
examiner précisèment to go over sth
very = bitterly
transmettre to hand over
assister à to attend
rarely = seldom
aider to assist, to back
les exigences the standards
mériter to deserve
vu que, parce que as, for
réticent reluctant
lire et écrire literacy
les sciences humaines the humanities
l'université college (us) university (bri)
le calcul numeracy
être impartial to be unbiased
un concert a gig
s'attaquer à to tackle
illégalement unlawfully
échanger to swap
partager des fichiers to file-share
une famille d'accueil a foster family
l'industrie du disque the record industry
poignarder to stab
the PDG the CEO : chief executive officer
curieux, étonnant puzzling
verrouiller to bolt
la réinsertion rehab
la contrefacon the forgery
le chantage the blackmail
le faux serment the perjury
compatir to sympathize
être cohérent to be consistent
la culpabilité the guilt
harceler to pester
considérable widespread
énormément tremendously
poursuivre en justice to prosecute, to sue
abandonner to dump
an attempt = a bid
to find innocent = to clear
a mob = an angry crowd
to promise = to vow
bidonville a shanty town
de ce fait thereby
la main d'oeuvre the work force
la douane the customs
le logement an accommodation
gouverner to rule
supportable livable
la pénurie the shortage
le parent the relative
recommandé advisable
de garde on-duty
gerer un hopital to run a hospital


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