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They places ... in Elle magazine ad
... is the process by which a product or service is made known to the public Advertising
... promotions include mailshots, telemarketing, discounts, vouchers, coupons, competitions, shelf displays etc. Below-the-line
... advertising includes the main advertising media: TV, radio, cinema, the press, poster compagns, etc. Above-the-line
The child labour scandal brought a lot of bad ... to the Nike Company publicity
The advantage of poster compagns comparend to television advertising is the relatively low rental cost of ... (US) billboards
The advantage of poster compagns comparend to television advertising is the relatively low rental cost of ... (UK) hoardings
Advertising that mentions a company's name but not specific products is called ... prestige advertising
If you want to keep your customers in most markets, you need an efficient ... scheme loyalty
The number of people who read a daily newspaper each day is called the ... figure. readership
SWOT, stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats
The time between programmes on TV or radio when adverts are broadcast commercial break
advertising for a product inside the shop itself in-store promotions
The instructions given by a company to its advertising agency, defining its objectives the brief
The series of advertisements or commercials for a particular product over a period of time. advertising compaign
A company that specialises in producing advertising compagns for its clients advertising agency
The segment of the population that a company whises to sell its product to a target
Avertising for a product at a time when people do not usually buy it counter-cyclical advertising
The person whose job it is to decide which media to use in the advertising compaign, in order to rach the chosen segment of the population and where, and when to use them media planner
Advertising on trains, busses transit advertising
An advertising technique that appeals to our desire to provide car or help to others nurturance
using electronic media like email or SMS to promote products e-marketing
promoting products to target customers, for xample, through adressed mail direct marketing
persuading people to buy a product or service by announcing it on TV, radio or in other media advertising
marketing that spreads from consumer to consumer often online viral marketing
marketing in which customers do not realize they are being merketed to undercover marketing
putting products or references to products in media like films or video games product placement
What are the 4 ps ? Price, Product, Place, Promotion
What are the 4cs ? Costumer, Cost, Convinience, Communication
buy one get one free BOGOF
produts sold at a low price to encourage sales of another product loss leaders
making sales of one product depend on the costumer buying another tying
money returned after the customer has paid for something cashback
selling several products together as one combined product bundling


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