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travailler sans relache burn out
en faire de trop overdo it
regrouper son travail pull together
ask s'one to do your work pass the buck
s'intégrer settle in
franchir une étape reach a milestone
rendre un travail à temps meet the deadline
ne pas rendre un travail à temps miss the deadline
rentrer dans le budget stick to the budget
set or ... a target achieve
to ... out burn
... the buck pass
... your weight pull
... a timeframe establish
... a milestone reach
impatient bully
aggressive maverick
cooperative team-player
charismatic leader
unpredictable bully
friendly team-player
anxious workaholic
easy-going team-player
over-critical maverick
independent maverick
motivating leader
individual workaholic
helpful team-player
selfish maverick
Faire un calendrier establish a timeframe
fixer une date fix a date


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