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Vocabulaire anglais - les sens (verbes 2 suite) > Fiches de vocabulaire > vocabulaire anglais > les sens (verbes 2 suite)

regarder avec étonnement to stare at
regarder bouche bée to gape at
regarder d'un air menaçant to glare at
scruter to peer
cligner de l'oeil to wink
loucher to squint
chercher to seek
fouiller dans(fig), rechercher to search
entendre to hear
écouter to listen
surprendre (une conversation) to overhear
sentir to smell
renifler, flairer to sniff
sentir mauvais to stink
se sentir, ressentir, palper to feel
parler, bavarder to talk
dire , réciter to say
dire, raconter to tell
appeler to call
bredouiller to stammer
murmurer to whisper, to murmur
marmotter to mumble
gémir, grogner to groan
bavarder, papoter to chatter, to gossip
se taire, faire taire to hush
sourire to smile
rire to laugh
ricaner to sneer
se moquer de to laugh at
taquiner to tease
pleurer to weep
soupirer to sigh
sangloter to sob
faire la moue to pout
bouder to sulk


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